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Well, it's day 2 of the Islamic 3 day celebration of Eid Al Hitr.

Yesterday Saudi Arabian Authorities declared, the moon is in the correct position, Ramadan is over, the fasting is over, it's time for the feasting to begin it's now officially Eid Al Fitr.

But one must really wonder; at least from the perspective of the West, and the Kaffir, just what exactly are Islam celebrating?

Are they like Hamas and its Palestinians celebrating the death of 'one more Jewish girl', throat slit, cut to pieces as she slept peacefully in her bed,  with cheering on the street and lollies for the children.

Are they perhaps celebrating the 20 people taken hostage and hacked to pieces a few days ago in Bangladesh.

Perhaps they are celebrating the 400 people killed and injured by suicide bombers by in  Badhdad.

And the list goes on.

Over the 30 day Ramadan fast alone there have been 229 attacks in the name of Islam and one thousand seven hundred and twenty three innocent victims killed, not to mention people injuried, lives destroyed, property destroyed etc.

So, it's the end of Ramadan which means "scorching sun" and we infidels and apostates certainly have felt the scorching sun which is Islam's 6th pillar (or it's second  Pillar really, after prayer, according to Muhmmad) - the pillar of Jihad.

Jihad has 2 elements within Islam, it is 1) both a war and struggle within oneself against sin and it is also  2) war or struggle outside oneself against unbelievers or infidels. (Muhammad most certainly modelled and endorsed the second Jihad, the art of war, as the greater Jihad during his lifetime).

And let's face it, until the 'blessed' time when Islam reaches it's ultimate goal of world domination, Islam will always be at war with anyone or anything which is not Islam.

Even if the majority employ Taqiyya and kitman, that is the lying which is allowed in Islam to infidels, in order to further Islam's cause. Submiission of all, to Islam, is always the end goal.

And so we must ask again; just what are Islam really celebrating at 2016's Eid Al Fitr - their end of Ramadan festival?

Are they celebrating the 1,000's, upon 1,000's  of Christians and Non Sunni/apostate Muslims and minorities slaughtered and displaced in many countries throughout the Middle East?

Are they celebrating the the sex slavery, the children made orphans, the Christians crucified, the Westerners with their throats slit.

Perhaps they are celebrating the honor killings, the acid attacks and stonings, the genital mutilation and paedophilia of young girls, the many other 'just punishmemts of Allah under Sharia law, of friends, brothers, sisters and enemies of the state.

Maybe it's the homosexuals being thrown off tall buildings to their death that they are considering as they chow down on their camel burger.

Who would know?

Could it be that they celebrating the 80% increase of terrorism in 2014, to 33,000 casualties, in the name of Islam.

Are they celebrating the millions upon millions killed in genicide and jihad terriorist attacks over the previous century and over this one.

Who know's perhaps they are celebrating the 270 million people killed in the name of Islam over 1400 years since Islam's inception by Muhammad.

Some would be celebrating these things, many could be.

Who would really know?

Ok, so let's give them the benifit of the doubt and believe what they say about themselves and that which is shouted by the rooftops by bleeding heart leftist media, maybe the silent majority are not celebrating such things, one would certainly hope not.

But given the meaning of Islam - submission, and it's great Muhammadic mandate that all should proclaim Allah is God and Muhammad is His prophet, whether by procamation, dhimmitude, force, or the barbaric slaughtering the unrepentant off the place of planet earth. All, that Allah and His caliphate would one day rule earths entirety as an Islamic State, make no bones about it -that is Islam and that is what Islam wants.

But perhaps the silent majority, according to the above meaning , although many would not, at least openly support, the more devoutly active elements of Islam, or would certainly claim not to, really do have a lot to celebrate when you think about it.

The Iran deal, the Hijrah into Europe, Halal food taxes aka Jizya taxes, Western Dhimmi's... Tacciya, stealth Jihad and Creeping Sharia. After all Islam has made great strides almost unimpeded into the West this year, and with very little resistance. One would think that for a political ideology intent on taking over the world, all of that would certainly be worth celebrating - but at what cost???

So here is the human cost of the unchecked ideology of Islam and it's outworkings, between Rmadan 2O15 and Ramadan 2O16. It is no doubt not a perfect list, as it is taken off wikipedia and in fact I already noticed some attacks miissing towards the end of the list.


So here is an intensive list of the Islamic terrorist attacks perpetrated over the last 12 months, unfortunately I am not able to mention each victim by name because as you will see below, the list is extremely long.

I would would encourage you to take a moment, read the list, you will be astonished as it goes on and on and on. But just remember, each of the numbers here represents a human being, a Mum, ora Dad, someone's child and many of them were kiled without mercy, violently and suddenly without warning.

All were perpetrated under the militant political ideaology of Islam as set out in the Suras in the Quaran, the Siras and the Hadiths. All were modelled and are endorsed by Muhhamnad, Islams only Prophet and you would find precedent and historical support within Islams pages and Islams history for each and every act.

So below, here are the casualties of Islam, and as I look at these casualties I cannot help but wonder, not only what is Islam celebrating this Eid Al Fitr.

But: Why are Islam celebrating at all?

The  Islamic HIT LIST Ramadan 2015 - to Ramadan 2016. Read and be shocked...Shalom.

  • ANigeria July 5, 2015 – Two bombs explode at an elite restaurant and mosque, killing at least 15 people in Jos.[134]
  • Nigeria July 7, 2015 – A bomb explodes in a government office in Zaria, killing 20 people.[135]
  • Cameroon July 13, 2015 – 2 suicide bombers explode in a bar in the town ofFotokol and kill 13 people, including a soldier from Chad who was killed in the second explosion.[136]
  • United States July 16, 2015 – 2015 Chattanooga shootings
  • Nigeria July 17, 2015 – Two Nigerian towns are attacked by two suicide bombers, killing 62 people.[137]
  • Turkey July 20, 2015 – 2015 Suruç bombingSuicide bombing killed 33 people and injured 104 in Kurdish majority city of SuruçISILclaims responsibility.[138]
  • Nigeria July 22, 2015 – A series of explosions at two bus stations in Gombe kill about 40 people.[139]
  • Cameroon July 26, 2015 – A suicide bomber kills at least 14 people at a popular nightclub in Maruoa, just three days after 2 suicide bombers killed 20 people in the same town.[140]
  • India July 27, 2015 – 2015 Gurdaspur attack Three Islamic terrorists of Pakistani origin from Indian-administrated Kashmir disguised in army uniforms attacked the Dina Nagar police station in Gurdaspur District of Punjab, India. The attack resulted in the deaths of 3 policemen, 4 civilians and 15 others were injured. All 3 attackers were killed by the Indian security forces.[141]
  • Nigeria August 11, 2015 – 47 people are killed as explosions erupt at a crowded market in the town of Sabon Gari.[142]
  • Iraq August 13, 2015 – 2015 Baghdad market truck bombing A truck bomb in a Baghdad market killed more than 70 and injures 200.[143]
  • France August 21, 2015 – 2015 Thalys train attack Shooting and stabbing in train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris injures 5. The incident is believed by French police to be an Islamist terrorist attack.[144]
  • Nigeria August 28–30, 2015 – Boko Haram members massacre 79 people in 3 different Nigerian villages. 68 alone were killed in the village of Baanu.[145]
  • Nigeria September 10, 2015 - Explosion at a refugee camp for people fleeing Boko Haram kills at least 2.[146]
  • Iraq September 17, 2015 – Two suicide bombings in Baghdad killed 10 and injured 55. ISIL claims responsibility.[147]
  • Germany September 17, 2015 – Rafik Y, an Islamist of Iraqi descent attacked and injured a police officer with a knife in Berlin. 1 injured, 1 dead (perpetrator).[148]
  • Nigeria September 21, 2015 – At least 54 people were killed by multiple explosions in Nigeria.[149]
  • Yemen September 24, 2015 – A bomb attack on a Shia mosque in Sana'a killed 25 and injured dozens more during prayers for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. Claimed by ISIL.[150]
  • Bangladesh Italy September 29, 2015 – Three men on a motorbike shot and killed an Italian aid worker. The attack has been claimed by ISIL.[151]
  • Nigeria October 1, 2015 – Multiple suicide bombings by Boko Haram in North-East Nigeria killed 14 people (including the bombers) and injured 39.[152]
  • Israel October 1, 2015 – Gunmen opened fire on a car near Nablus on the northern West Bank, killing a man and woman. 4 of their 6 children were also in the car and witnessed the attack, but were uninjured. The attackers have been praised by Hamas.[153][154]
  • Australia October 2, 2015 – 2015 Parramatta shooting. A NSW Police Forcecivilian employee was shot dead outside NSW Police Force headquarters on Charles Street,Parramatta, Sydney by a 15-year old lone gunman. The gunman then engaged with NSW Police Special Constables in a shootout before being killed, 2 dead.[155]
  • Bangladesh Japan October 3, 2015 – A Japanese man was shot and killed in a similar fashion to an Italian aid worker killed 4 days earlier. The attack has been claimed by ISIL.[156]
  • Iraq October 3, 2015 – In Baghdad, two suicide bombings in Shiite majority neighbourhoods kill at least 18 people and injure 61. Attack claimed by ISIL.[157]
  • Afghanistan October 5, 2015 – Two suicide bombings in Kabul targeted an Afghan intelligence centre. 3 people were injured in the attack, claimed by the Taliban.[158][159]
  • Somalia October 7, 2015 – Militants of Al-Shabaab ambushed and killed the nephew of Somalia's president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. 2 dead.[160]
  • Turkey October 10, 2015 – In the 2015 Ankara bombings 102 people were killed and over 400 others injured. According to two high ranked sources in the Turkish security forces ISIL is most likely responsible.[161][162]
  • Chad October 10, 2015 – Multiple suicide bombings in Chad killed 33 people and injured 51. The attack is believed to be the work of Boko Haram.[163]
  • Afghanistan United Kingdom October 11, 2015 – A bomb attack in Kabul, targeting a British military convoy injured 7 Afghan civilians. The attack has been claimed by the Taliban.[164]
  • Nigeria October 22, 2015 – 20 people were killed in the northeast state of Borno, Nigeria in a Boko Haram attack.[165]
  • Nigeria October 23, 2015 – Two separate mosques were attacked by suicide bombers, killing 42 in Nigeria.[166]
  • Niger October 28, 2015 – Boko Haram militants attack a village in Niger, gunning down 13 people and allegedly burning down houses and cars during the rampage.[167]
  • Egypt Russia October 31, 2015 – Bomb on board a Russian jet brings it down in Sinai, bound for St Petersburg, killing 224 people.[168]
  • Lebanon November 12, 2015 – Twin suicide bombings kill 42 people in the capital city of Beirut.[169]
  • France November 13, 2015 – A series of terrorist attacks in Paris kill 137, and wound 368. They involved a series of coordinated attacks which consisted of mass shootings and suicide bombings. This incident was the most fatal event on French soil since World War II.[170]
  • Iraq November 13, 2015 – A Suicide bomber kills at least 21 at a Shia funeral.[171]
  • Philippines Malaysia November 17, 2015 – A Malaysian national is beheaded by Abu Sayyaf in the southern Philippines.[172]
  • Nigeria November 17, 2015 – A suicide attack at a market in Yola killed more than 30 people and hospitalised more than 80. The attack is thought to be the work of Boko Haram.[173]
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina November 18, 2015 – A lone wolf Islamist killed two soldiers and injured civilians in Sarajevo. 3 dead 5 wounded.[174]
  • Nigeria November 18, 2015 – Two explosions rock a phone market in Kanokilling at least 15 people and injuring more than 100. Boko Haram is suspected to be behind it.[175]
  • Mali November 20, 2015 – Bamako hotel attack. Gunmen yelling "Allahu Akbar" storm a hotel in Bamako, Mali. At least 19 killed, and more than 160 were taken hostage.
  • Iraq November 20, 2015 – A Suicide bomber detonates inside a Shiite mosque killing 10 people, other bombings in the area killed another 5 people.[176]
  • Cameroon November 21, 2015 – Suicide bombers affiliated with Boko Haram kill at least 10 in northern Cameroon.[177]
  • Nigeria November 22, 2015 – 8 people among women and children demise when a female suicide bomber is reduced to pulp.[178]
  • Tunisia November 24, 2015 – At least 12 people were killed in a bus bombing in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. ISIL claimed responsibility for this attack that targeted a bus transporting members of the Presidential Guard.[179]
  • Egypt November 24, 2015 – In theNovember 2015 Sinai attack which occurred a day after the second round of parliamentary elections closed, militants attack a hotel housing election judges in the provincial capital of al-Arish in Egypt's North Sinai. 7 dead, 10+ wounded[180]
  • Niger November 25, 2015 – Boko Haram invades a village and shoots indiscriminately residents and also fire rockets, killing 18.[181]
  • Nigeria November 27, 2015 – 21 killed in Boko Haram suicide attack on a Shia procession in Nigeria[182]
  • Egypt November 28, 2015 – Islamist gunmen killed four security personnel in an attack at a police checkpoint in Saqqara. 4 dead[183]
  • Mali November 28, 2015 – Militants fired rockets on a MINUSMA peacekeeping forces base in northern Mali. Ansar Dine claimed responsibility. 3 dead, 20 wounded.[184]
  • United States December 2, 2015 – In the2015 San Bernardino attack, married coupleRizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik shot and killed 14 people and injured 22 others in a killing spree that the FBI was investigating as "act of terrorism".[185][186]
  • Chad December 5, 2015 – Four female suicide bombers from the militant Islamistgroup Boko Haram attacked the Chadian island of Koulfoua on Lake Chad, killing at least 15 people and injuring 130.[187]
  • Yemen December 6, 2015 – The governor of the southern port city of Aden in Yemen,Jaafar Mohammed Saad, was killed in a car bomb attack. The assassination was claimed by ISIL.[188]
  • Afghanistan December 8, 2015 – In the2015 Kandahar Airport attacks several Taliban members attacked the Kandahar Airport and surrounding area. 70+ killed, 35 injured.[189][190]
  • Egypt December 8, 2015 – An explosive device by Islamists targeting a military convoy went off in Rafah. 4 dead 4 injured.[191]
  • Iraq December 9, 2015 – A suicide bomber detonated his explosives in the doorway of a Shiite mosque. 11+ dead 20 injured.[192]
  • Afghanistan Spain December 11, 2015 – In the 2015 Spanish Embassy attack in Kabul, Taliban militants detonated a car bomb and stormed a guesthouse near the Spanish embassy. 6 dead, several injured.[193]
  • Syria December 11, 2015 – In the Tell Tamer bombings three truck bombs by ISIL killed up to 60 people and injured more than 80 in the town of Tell Tamer.[194]
  • Syria December 12, 2015 – Islamists detonated a car bomb near an hospital in central Homs. 16 killed, 54 injured.[195]
  • Iraq December 12, 2015 – A millitant detonated his explosives in a truck at an Iraqi position near the Saudi border. 6 dead, 14 injured.[196]
  • Nigeria December 13, 2015 – Boko Haram Islamists, at least some using machetes, attacked residents of the villages of Warwara, Mangari, and Bura-Shika. 30 killed and 20 injured[197]
  • Afghanistan December 21, 2015 – A suicide bomber on a motorcycle killed six and wounded three in Kabul, Afghanistan nearBagram Airfield.[198]
  • Nigeria December 26, 2015 – Boko Haram gunmen raided Kimba village in northern Nigeria, opening fire on residents and torching their homes. 14+ killed.[199][200]
  • Afghanistan December 28, 2015 – A Taliban suicide bomber killed at least one person and wounded 33 in an attack on a road near a school close to Kabul International Airport.[201]
  • Nigeria December 28, 2015 – Fourteen Islamist female suicide bombers aged 12–18 attempted to simultaneously attack the city of Maiduguri. Seven of the bombers were shot dead by Nigerian forces while three menaged to escape and detonate themselves in Baderi general area and near a Mosque, killing 26 people and wounding another 85.[202]
  • Pakistan December 29, 2015 – A suicide bomber detonated his explosives in the front entrance of a regional branch of the National Database and Registration Authority in the northwestern city of Mardan, Pakistan. The blast killed 26 people and more than 50 were wounded.[203]
  • Russia December 29, 2015 – A gunman opened fire on a group of local residents who were visiting a viewing platform at the fortress in DerbentDagestan, southern Russia, killing one and injuring 11. ISIL claims responsibility.[204]


  • Afghanistan January 1, 2016 – A Taliban suicide bomber detonated himself in a French restaurant called 'Le Jardin' in Kabul. 2 dead 15 injured.[205]
  • India January 2, 2016 – In the 2016 Pathankot attack suspected Jaish-e-Mohammed militants attacked an Indian air base killing 7 security force members. Several injured.[206]
  • Iraq January 3, 2016 – Five Islamist suicide bombers attack an Iraqi military base. 15 dead and 22 injured.[207]
  • Afghanistan January 4, 2016 – A Militant drove a truck packed with explosives to the armored gates of a compound for civilian contractors near Kabul's airport before detonating. 30 people injured, including children.[208]
  • Libya January 7, 2016 – In the Zliten truck bombing Islamist militants detonated a truck bomb at the police training camp al-Jahfal in the coastal town of Zliten, Libya. 50+ dead 100+ wounded.[209]
  • France January 7, 2016 – In the January 2016 Paris police station attack an Islamist from Morocco wearing a fake explosive belt attacked police officers with a meat cleaver. He was shot dead.[210]
  • Libya January 7, 2016 – A car bombing at a checkpoint in the Libyan oil port of Ras Lanuf left seven people dead and 11 wounded.[211]
  • Egypt January 8, 2016 – In the 2016 Hurghada attack two militants armed with a melee weapon and a signal flare stormed the Bella Vista Hotel. 3 injured.[212]
  • France January 11, 2016 – A 15-year old Turkish ISIL supporter attacked a teacher from a Jewish school in Marseille with a machete. 1 injured.[213]
  • Iraq January 11, 2016 – ISIL gunmen detonate suicide vests in a shopping mall, killing at least 20 and wounding more than 40 people.[214]
  • Turkey January 12, 2016 – In the 2016 Istanbul bombing an ISIL suicide bomber kills 10 tourists and injures 15 more in the historical centre of Istanbul.[215]
  • Indonesia January 14, 2016 – In the 2016 Jakarta attacks 4 assailants kill 2 and injure 24 in a terrorist attack in Jakarta. The attack was orchestrated and financed from ISIL in Syria.[216]
  • Somalia January 15, 2016 – In the El Adde attackAl-Shabaab terrorists attack a African Union Kenyan army base in El-Adde. 63+ killed, several injured.[217]
  • Burkina Faso January 15, 2016 – In the2016 Ouagadougou attack Islamist gunmen armed with heavy weapons attacked theCappuccino restaurant and the Splendid Hotelin the heart of Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. 20+ killed. 15+ injured.[218]
  • Pakistan January 21, 2016 – At least 22 killed in attack on Bacha Khan University, Pakistan. The Taliban claim responsibility for the attack.[219]
  • Somalia January 22, 2016 – Al-Shabab attack on beachside restaurant leaves 20 dead.[220]
  • Cameroon January 25, 2016 – Suspected Boko Haram insurgents have blown themselves up in a market in Cameroon, killing at least 25 people and injuring 62 others.[221]
  • Nigeria January 30, 2016 – Boko Haram gunmen raided a Nigerian village, at least 65 people were killed and 136 others injured.[222]
  • Ivory Coast March 13, 2016 – In the 2016 Grand-Bassam shootings Al Qaeda gunmen stormed 3 hotels in the beach resort city ofGrand-Bassam in the Ivory Coast, leaving 18 people dead.[223]
  • Iraq March 20, 2016 – In Anbar, Iraq, ISIL suicide bombers kill at least 24 at municipal building[224]
  • Belgium March 22, 2016 – 2016 Brussels bombings includes two suicide bombings inBrussels Airport and one bombing in BrusselsMetro that resulted in 35 deaths and more than 300 wounded.[225]
  • Yemen March 25, 2016 – Three ISIL suicide bombers strike security checkpoints in the Yemeni city of Aden, killing 26 people.[226][227]
  • Iraq March 25, 2016 – 30 people killed and 95 injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a football stadium in Iskandariya, south of Baghdad. ISIL claimed responsibility for the attack.[228][229]
  • Pakistan March 27, 2016 – The 2016 Lahore suicide bombing targeted Christians who had gathered on Easter in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park. The blast, by Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a Pakistani Taliban faction, killed at least 70 people and injured 300 others.[230][231]
  • Afghanistan April 19, 2016 – The April 2016 Kabul attack targeted a security team responsible for protecting government VIPs inKabulAfghanistan. The attack killed 64 people and wounded 347. It was the Taliban's biggest attack on an urban area since 2001.[232]
  • Bangladesh April 23, 2016 – Attackers hacked a university professor to death in the city of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. ISIL claimed responsibility for the attack stating that they assassinated him "for calling to atheism in the city of Rajshahi in Bangladesh".[233][234]
  • Bangladesh April 25, 2016 – Two gays rights activists were hacked to death in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. An Al-Qaeda affiliated group claimed responsibility for the attacks and stated they killed the two as they were "pioneers of practicing [sic] and promoting homosexuality in Bangladesh".[235][236]
  • Iraq May 11, 2016 – At least 40 people were killed and 60 injured in a car bomb attack on a market in Baghdad. ISIL claims responsibility.[237]
  • France June 14, 2016 – Two French citizens, a police officer and his wife werestabbed to death in Magnanville, France by a man swearing his allegiance to ISIL.[238]
  • Pakistan June 22, 2016 – Assassination ofAmjad Sabri, claimed by a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban who accused Sabri of blasphemy.[239]
  • Bangladesh July 1, 2016 – Gunmen killed20 hostages. 13 hostages were rescued, two police officers, and six terrorists were killed. One terrorist is in custody. ISIL has claimed responsibility, but according to Bangladeshi officials, the attack was carried out by homegrown militant group Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh.[240]
  • Iraq July 3, 2016 - July 2016 Baghdad bombings Two coordinated bomb attacks killed over 174 people and injured over 221 others.

Source Wikipedia July 05, 2016.