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'Safe' schools. It's not really 'safe' for anyone, apart from the adult LGBT lobby and community and their progressive political allies.

When I was in High School, I was on the receiving end a lot of bullying for being a Christian (I was also quite attractive and a shy, naive young thing which didn't really help my cause much either).

The bullying including sexual harassment, sexual assault, physical assault, teasing, verbal assault, isolationism and and rejection.

And, of course, I saw other Christians who were bullied for being Christian.

There were also others targeted by bullies, including, most often, youth with disabilities and special needs, youth who were too smart, youth who were too quiet, youth who were too beautiful, youth who looked and acted 'differently', youth living alternative lifestyles, youth who were poorer, youth who had family issues, youth who had some kind of weakness, and finally youth who spoke little English.

It came down to survival of the fittest! Frankly, as the old saying goes, it was a jungle out there.

Basically anyone who didn't fit into what was perceived the social 'norm' in some way, shape or form, was a potential target by those who apparently did fit the 'norm' (and let's not kid ourselves that this kind of behaviour ends in High School, please), so there were those who were bullies, those who were bullied and the silent majority who bullied alongside the bullies because they didn't want to be the next victim. 

They were silent, and by their silence, they chose their side.

Over twenty years ago, when I was in school, this was the case and, I suspect, based on what I have seen and heard, that it's still the case today. You see, kids and youth, in particular, just have this need to fit in socially and be liked and accepted by their peers, and this leads to all kinds of one upmanship and competitive behaviour in order to gain popularity and stay at the top of the 'pecking order'. Kids also use this hierarchical system as something of a protective device to make sure they are not ever on the receiving end of the bullying culture that they see happening to the other not-so-fortunates who, for one reason or another, don't fit in so well.

In fact, from memory, the majority will do anything to avoid the pain of being bullied and rejected, and so, no doubt, despite all the bullying campaigns, the bullying culture that existed when I was in school still exists in much the same way today.

Which brings me to the supposed 'Safe' Schools Curriculum which has just been introduced into our Australian schools.

So, what really is the Safe Schools Curriculum and who is the 'Safe' Schools Curriculum really 'safe' for, who will it really impact and how? And are the risks for the 99% heterosexual youth being exposed to potentially sexually confusing material really worth the supposed 'payoffs' for the 1% gender and sexually confused youth?

Firstly, what is the 'Safe Schools Curriculum'? 

Well, 'Safe Schools' is a curriculum, of course, put out recently by the LGBT community, packaged as an effort to stop the bullying of teens who are struggling with sexuality and gender issues.

The problem with the Safe Schools Curriculum though is, that it is not really an anti-bullying campaign at all, as much as it is actually yet another level of the LGBT's ongoing campaign to enforce normalisation of homosexuality in all spheres of society (and this time the LGBT is doing this bypassing the parents and using the State to do their dirty work via unsuspecting children, and all in an attempt to make the adult gay community feel better about their own lifestyle choices or perhaps try and make up for some of their own bullying experiences (by bullying the rest of us into agreeing with their lifestyle mind you).

Basically, to my mind, 'Safe Schools' is really a poorly veiled attempt to politically indoctrinate the next generation, while they are at their most vulnerable, into not only fully accepting, but 'embracing', and perhaps experimenting with or even fully practising the fullness of the homosexual lifestyle for themselves.

In other words, for many children and youth (and young impressionable minds on the cusp of adolescence), it will open their mind up to things many of them have never conceived of and, in normalising it, plant seeds which never should be planted, many of which will no doubt grow with some thought processes being: 'Oh well, if it's okay for them, maybe I'll try it'; 'If it's as normal as anything else, what's stopping me from having a go'. That kind of thing.

For you see, that's the whole idea of progressive 'normalisation' - it plants a fresh stake in the ground and creates a 'new normal' for all, whether it's evidenced as best practice or not. Most often, it seems this enforced normalisation is based on the feelings of a minority of angry adults trying to get back at the world for their own tough childhood experiences and force everyone agree with their adult practices - or else!

And, of course, the other problem with the curriculum is that it is further setting the kids who are confused about their gender/sexuality even further apart, with special privileges due to an, at times, exaggerated victim status, which, as they are cherry picked out by the Government, can make these kids wrongly perceive that the status of being victim to the bullies, belongs solely to them. They then, in essence, become bullies, themselves.

Perhaps the LGBT lobby should spend more time educating gay youth on the fact that so many other kids are bullied as well, and bringing them all together, instead of making out LGBT-confused kids have it harder than everyone else and thus isolating them even more.

The lobby is not doing these kids any favours. They are using them for their own sinister ends and only isolating and confusing them further.

So who then is Safe Schools Curriculum for, if it's not safe for the confused LGBT kids themselves? It's not helping all the other kids who are being bullied, it's not really effectively combating bullying as a whole and it it may even promote even more bullying against any conservative or Christian kids who disagree.

The only ones I can see really see benefiting from this, are the LGBT Lobby themselves, as they further their agenda; the hardened LGBT adults as they harvest a new level of confused youth to their cause and the politically correct and the progressive politicians who are supporting LGBT for their own political agenda.

And, as usual, who misses out in all this madness? Well, the kids of course, and their parents, as the State overrides the parent/child relationship once again in order to get their own way.

As I mentioned in the introduction, many groups who are not considered the 'norm' by the rest were and are and perhaps always will be bullied ad infinitum, and I certainly don't see 'safe' schools changing that reality in any way, shape or form.

So why the special privileges for this one group when plainly so many are suffering?

The answer must surely be that the LGBT lobby and LGBT community in general are a loud, populist and politically 'correct', protected species, with who it is politically incorrect to disagree.

The answer must surely be that it's the only thing which makes sense: the LGBT community are just more special than the rest of us, deserving of special rights and privileges that leave the rest of us, including those with disability and special physical, emotional and spiritual needs out in the cold.

It all comes down to this in the end I think - the rest of the outcasts and bullied just still don't really matter a damn. We are simply not popular enough or loud enough at playing the victim card, or savvy enough to warrant a look in, not to mention, of course, that this will just add to the bullying stigmatisation and ostracisation of Christians or others who don't buy the LGBT indoctrination curriculum.

Or the many 11-18 year olds who will actually end up confused about their own sexuality or gender identity, when they never even were to start with, as a result of this syllabus.

Nope, the rest of us be damned! After all, as long as the LGBT community are happy, that's all that really matters right?

But you see, no matter what, bullies will always exist. It's a part of the fabric of our fallen, sinful society, people treading on other people in order to get ahead, in order to enjoy power.

Bullying happens at every level of society and make no mistake about it, this 'Safe Schools Curriculum' is actually ALL about LGBT bullying others who don't agree with their lifestyle and agenda.

Yep, it's everything about themselves, everything about indoctrinating the next generation with their political agenda, and nothing about 'safety' for kids.

'Safe Schools' is not really 'safe' for anyone apart from the adult community themselves and lily livered politicians who are too worried about playing the part and getting ahead, than protecting our school children while they play in the playground.

Furthermore, 'Safe Schools' is not really 'safe' for anyone apart from those who are so selfishly and frivolously imposing it on us, and even then, in the long run, not for them, either.

And it is definitely NOT safe for ANY of our kids.

Let's get this straight; the 'Safe Schools Curriculum' is not an anti-bullying campaign, but a socialist bullying campaign designed to bully us all into submission to the homosexual agenda.