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In every war there are cowards and heroes: those who succumb to fear, and retreat into hiding, and those who in spite of threat to themselves, put their lives in certain harms way in order to save, if not one, but many lives.

And then there are the regular soldier joes, most of whom are unknown, who just keep putting one foot in front of the other, not giving up or backing down, daily fighting the good fight until each battle front is won and finally the war.

These soldiers fight loneliness, fatigue,:extreme conditions, shell shock, PTSD, sickness, attack, injury, death, loss of loved ones and all the rest of the horrors of war and yet they stand and they stand, until they fall.

And so it is in the war between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Man, and so it is in the culture wars. What kind of soldier will you be this year will you run or will you stand?

Rissa's Declaration

This year I will stand as a Christian!

I will not give up! 

I don't care how many 'likes' I get on Facebook,

I don't care how many 'comments' or 'shares' I get, I don't care who unfriends me. 

I don't care. I don't care

I don't care who ignores me, I don't care who unfollows me. 

I don't care who tries to offend me, who I make angry or who angers me. I don't care who rejects or opposes me on or offline. 

I don't care.

I don't care who abuses me, who corrects me, who challenges me, who calls me names. 

I don't care who blocks me, if Facebook punishes me, if the police or the government lock me up!

I don't care!

I will stand.

I don't care if the feminists hate me, I don't care if the homosexual lobby rail against me, I don't care if Islam wants to see me with no head.

I don't even care if the abortionists want to see me carved up and dead.

I don't care if I am injured, sick, struggling or low.

Even if my whole family reject me.

Even if I have to stand alone.

As long as I have breath, every day, I will speak the truth.

I will write.

God's truth.

And I won't give up.


I will take care of my family.

Read the Word of God.

Remain in the fear of the Lord.

If I am knocked down I will NOT be destroyed.

As long as there is breath there is life.

As long as there is life, I WILL speak the truth and the full Gospel of Christ.

I will stand for the fullness of the Word of God.

I will stand for the inerrant, foundational Judaeo-Christian Worldview and I will speak the name of Jesus without fear, give Him all respect due.

If something is wrong, I WILL say it's wrong.

If it's right, I'll say right and I'll speak - black and white.

I will not be struck down, I will not be destroyed and I will NOT give up.

I will stand for persecuted Christians and with my brothers and sisters the World over who are dying and being attacked brutally, kicked out of their homes and countries and killed for their faith.

I will stand against apathy and heresy in the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God, and against ANYTHING either within or without that threatens her existence.

I will speak, I will stand and you won't shut me up.

I will stand for male and female.

Man and woman

Husband and wife

Boy and girl.

From youngest to oldest, I will stand.

I will stand for marriage between a man and a woman.

I will stand for life: from conception to death.

I will stand for a child's right for both a Mum and Dad.

I will stand for male and female by God's design.

I will stand for Christ, Christianity - the Word of God.

I will stand for individual and national autonomy, the right to bear arms and protect and defend both individual and nation against imminent danger.

I will stand for my Nation Australia and the Nations of the World.

I will stand for God.

I will speak God's truth.

I won't be stopped.

I will fight progression for progressions sake, particularly when it puts male and female, man and wife, Mum and Dad, family, children, life and life as we know it at risk.


I will fight so-called progression as it tries to shut down freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

I will fight so-called progression as it tries to make the individual 'smaller' and government 'bigger'.

I will fight one world government and any lies which may lead to such.

I will fight sleepy, apathetic, religious Christianity and everything which opposes itself to the Truth.

I will fight gender equality.

Gender neutrality

Homosexual marriage

Homosexual adoption




Anti-child, anti-life




One world government

One world religion


I will fight for Israel's right to exist and defend herself

I will fight against the Islamisation of the World and my Nation

I will fight against socialism, fascism, communism, Nazism, feminism, homosexualisation, true racism and every evil which is currently trying to destroy our world.

I will fight on my knees, I will fight life, I will fight online and, if needs be, in time I will take up arms.

I will fight and I will not give up, stand and not be knocked down, speak and I will not be shut up, write and I will not be shut down. 

In 2016, I will be strong, brave and courageous in the Lord and I will not give up, no matter what?

And you?!?!?

This is Rissa's Wakeup!