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Well, it's the 27th of January 2016 in Ermington, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

It's the day after the 26th of January, which was Australia day 2016, it's 228 years since Britain landed and colonised this great land.

Yesterday I once again entered a war that has been raging since, according to history Captain Cook made his first sighting of an aboriginal tribe upon landing on the shores of Australia,  whereby the aboriginal's made it very clear they weren't happy he was there by picking up first rocks and then spears and taking aim and Cook, in response, commanded 2 muscat rounds be shot, one of the shots hitting an aboriginal man in the leg.

So, yesterday I fought like a trooper on the front lines of our nation in the culture wars, yep sadly, I had to fight just to celebrate for one day the great country I was born in.

I don't want to fight, I would much prefer in all honesty just to have a relaxing day by the barbie truth be told, but make no ancestric bones about it, the battle lines were drawn yesterday once again against both Australia as a Nation and the celebration of Australia Day as it currently stands on the 26th of January.

And so, once again like so many others, I was drawn in like a moth to the flame, to stand for our great land. I was drawn in by the ridiculous annual protests by angry aboriginal activists, by the Islamic community activists- who won't really be happy until our Nation is a caliphate, and the ignorant liberal hearted progressive leftist media activists who were calling Australia day 'Kitch' and shallow and who spent the day reminiscing about revisionist, one sided, fallacious history, giving themselves a pat on the back for their compassion and giving the rest of us a bunch of upper cuts on each side of our chin, of 'white guilt' punches to the face.

Also being one to turn the other cheek only so many times and someone who loves my country very, very much.Yet again I entered the fracas with some practised boxing in the form of my writing.

Here were my reflections on the various articles of the day;


 Reflection 1;

Why must people keep promoting "reverse" racism (which is just racism full stop really) on Australia day.

I am proud to be Australian, grateful to live in Australia and I will celebrate it while I still can.

Best country in the world!

Best people too, if we'd all just get on with it!

Some Australians are stuck in the 'anger' stage of Elizabeth Kubler Ross' grieving process.

We must as a Nation move on to the 'acceptance stage'.

Sh*t happened, people have said sorry (and most are genuinely sorry for any who truly suffered ), people have tried (and tried, and tried) and will keep trying to make restitution, but it feels like 'those who are perceived to be the 'offenders' and 'perpetrators' have received very little forgiveness in return from those who feel wronged, only vitriol, and an ever changing 'line', and another long list of 'must haves'. ('We' being 'who?' Well that I hardly even know... 'we', 'WE', are ALL - 'we', 'us', and 'them', just with different backgrounds, different skin tones, 'we' are 'all' Australian', sh*t's not happening any more,

It's NOT!

Australia just wants to MOVE ON, the very land is sighing, sick of all the anger.

And if 'you' (whoever 'you' is) can't move on, get some counselling for goodness sake and let's move through the grieving process already to 'acceptance'.

How many more generations must ' ALL pay' before we can truly just be one.

How long must WE ALL pay for the sins of our fathers.

'White' Aussies and Non 'Indigenous' Aussies, Indigenous community, Islamic community (I hate these terms - they are so divisive!)

'We' can't go back where we came from.

'WE' can't go back to the way things were.

'We' can't leave, this is our home.

'We' can't change what happened.

We can't go back in time!

Let's just all 'we' be 'us'... PLEASE!

I HATE this 'us' and 'them' mentality based on of all ridiculous things 'skin colour', a different history???

We are all Aussies and as the song goes 'we are all in this together'.

We are all people.

I hate racism! Hate it!

Can't we just have a day where we are all grateful to live here? Grateful to be Aussie? Please?


(This reflection was written in response to this farcical piece by New Matilda)

The World’s Most Popular Website Just Ripped The Rug Out From Under Australia Day - New MatildaIf you were hoping to wake up to an all ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi’ Australia Day this morning, then whatever you do, don’t log onto the world’s largest website. In a stunning departure from convention, today’s ‘Google Doodle’ – the picture that adorns the Google logo, and changes based on…newmatilda.com


Reflection 2;

Do you know what they called the first generation of English Australian's who were born on Aussie soil ?


That's right you heard me. (How un pc)

Do you know why they called them that?

Well, because they were... natives. 

Native born to the Australian land.

That's right!

"The editor expected all Australians to celebrate the centenary whether they were 'natives or merely dwellers in an adopted land'. 'Natives' was the term now widely adopted to describe the native-born of European descent — their strongest advocate being the Australian Natives' Association (ANA), founded in 1871 in Victoria to provide medical, sickness and funeral benefits." australiaday.org

Do you know what another name for native is?


Yep. You got it!

The wiki definition of indigenous is this;




"Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native."

So the first born of the generation of pale skinned English Australians were just as native AND indigenous as the first born generation of dark skinned aboriginal Australian's.

Which when you think about it makes everyone who was born in Australia a native indigenous Australian and just as indigenous as any other.

So there you have it!


I am a native indigenous Australian! 


And reflection 3, my response to the slogan by activists "Always was, always will be Aboriginal land".

 Australia - always has been. 


Australia - Not terra nullius. Not Aboriginal land, not Malcolm Turnbull's land.

The great South land of the Holy Spirit!


Australia - a great gift to her people.

Australia - a gem among the Nations.

(Remember- we are all on a land lease here.)

The earth is the Lord's and ALL that is in it!

And that includes Australia! 

So that's why I am weary today, it's 2 days later now, I am weary of the fight that rages every year, I am tired of it, fed up and I am grieving, dressed in black. The fake Aussie flag tattoo's already fading, the lamb digesting in my lower intestine and yesterdays show of bitterness by the left has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Yep, the great 2016 Australia day battle is over again for another year at least, and I wonder, why on earth can't we all just celebrate together, our country today, what right now is unarguably one of the greatest Nations on planet earth.

I love Australia day because I love Australia ( a quote by my friend Loretta Coffee) and I am inclined to agree with Lori. I love celebrating Australia because Australia is worth celebrating and I don't care who you are - if you don't love it please feel free to LEAVE.

Australia is without a doubt (one of), but I think it's the best country in the world, and I think part of the reason Australia day is gaining momentum more and more each year now with beach, barbies and Aussie flags worn proudly on our person, is because more and more people are waking up to this reality - Australia is freakin' awesome.

When trying to explain to my second grade son yet again this year, why we celebrate Australia and why Australia is so great, the obvious place to look to prove this of course is at the other nations of the world.

Around the world we see governments so corrupt that their people are starving and dying annually by the million. We hear of wars and rumours of wars every day, women being sold as sex slaves, girls being genitally mutilated, women murdered in honour killings, Christians being persecuted and brutally murdered for their faith and the list goes on.

Indeed my son who doesn't know any better takes it for granted as do I think many other Australians. But I for one will never take for granted our freedoms, fairness, our foundations, our constitution, our Christian heritage, our relative safety and so much more and I will never stop fighting for MY country, defending her people and celebrating her greatness.

Australia is the Lord's and all that is in it!

For all her flaws, foibles and follies.

I love my sunburnt country.

I love her bogan people.

I love her ways and identity as a Nation!

For me it's a happy 'straya day 365!

And if you don't love it leave!