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**Breaking news ** 


An astonishing 11 day's after the unprecedented incident, it has finally been confirmed unequivocally,  that perhaps as many as thousands of "lone wolf' attackers, in multiple locations across Europe, worked seemlessly together as one, in a completely 'unorchestrated' event, without any pre-meditation or pre-communication. 


Even more incredible are the facts emerging that these events happened without any previous links between the perpetrators or any similarities between the men of any kind.


Yes, without anything at all to link them they suddenly came together as one and sexually attacked 100's, upon 100's of women across Europe , they all used exactly the same modus operandi, all on the same day, at around the same time and worked like clockwork as a team.


Having said that however (in spite of copious amounts of evidence to the contrary), there is no need to be alarmed, as these were completely one off, random, lone wolf attacks also known as isolated incidents.


It has also been confirmed that no one knows anything, nope not a thing, nothing, nada, about these 'lone wolves' apart from the fact that they are definitely NOT a part of the recent influx of "refugees" into Europe, and that they are without the shadow of a doubt NOT Islamic refugees. And of course, that there is not a snowflakes chance in hades that they are Muslim, followers of Allah, modelling themselves on the prophet Muhammad, fellowshippers at Mosque or readers of the Koran and Hadiths.


(There is also no possibility that all these lone wolves might/or are in fact testing the European waters to see just what they can get away with, none whatsoever.)


Yes, as it turns out these events were in fact a mass of'random' isolated incidents by 1,000's of men of the same cultural persuasion (or so every witness alleges, as if 'they' would know anything), together, at the same time and with no apparent motive.


One thing that we do know for certain is that it was the fault of the women, the ladies and girls who were assaulted and they provoked these loners and 'asked for it' by being out on New Eve, enjoying themselves and wearing pretty or perhaps even sexy clothes. 


The mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, where at least 100 or so of these isolated events occurred, said in fact, that at such future city wide celebrations, the women in question, in fact all the women of Cologne would need to change 'their' order of conduct so as not to incite these kinds of one off, random, lone wolf incidents(which as a conservative, anti feminist, I must admit sits, partially well in my view. Not the fact that they asked for it of course, but that perhaps during these post modernistic times of public cekebration an ounce or two's worth more of decorum may not go astray, but I digress).


Perhaps Cologne's Mayor and Angela Merkel could get together and brain storm some way to 'encourage' the women of Germany to trial Dolce and Gabbana's new hijab collection, and the women in question could take a few pointers from Islam - the religion of peace. Perhaps the women could, at future events, only go out in the presence of their husband or a family member. Seems to work well for the Muslim nations.


And of course the next most poplulist motive for this tragedy, if, as it was intimated by the Mayer, it wasn't actually the girls fault, then of course the next most likely suspect to blame is for this rampant attack is; 'sexism', yes that's right, the assaults occurred purely because of 'sexist motives' stemming from of course the patriarchal rape culture well known throughout Europe. Which makes the attacks in Germany nothing more than mere sexism and a women's issues as usual, so perhaps neo feminism can fix it all.


Because, of course on all the previous New Years Eve' festivities in Cologne and surrounds, groups of 10's, 1,00's and 1,000's of European men, all having similar features and characteristics have been known to sexually assault women by the 100's if not 1,000's each every year, it's well documented, didn't ya know?!


And of course the third and last and most likely cause of this out of character behaviour amongst these Mu..., aaahh sorry, nondescript men, who strangely enough according to all sources on the night, more than likely came from the same cultural pool and who knows perhaps even the same gene pool; is, wait for it... that what happened this New Years Eve is just a valid response to the rampant 'racism' both currently and historically seen perpetrated at the Muslim community in Europe... the um high numbers of far right radical Islamaphobic's who live in ghetto's together, have their own rule of law, and go out perpetrating violence on a daily basis against poor Muslim's just trying to mind their own business.


So any way whether it's a) let's just cut to the chase and dress our young ladies in Hijabi already, pay the Jizya and submit to full dhimmitude aka the girls asked for it, b) the ongoing and internationally well documented patriarchal rape culture prevalent in Europe over the last decade and in particular at New Years Eve celebrations in Germany or c) an understandable backlash by those who shall not be named, to the racist skinhead tribes of the right wing who daily and violently injure and kill  and mame their peaceloving Muslim neighbours.


Yep, whether it's a, b or c, in Europe right now, from my standpoint here in Australia, now would be a very good time to either get hijabed up or "lock up your daughters".