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What will you be doing this Witches New Year, oh so innocently participating or staying well clear.


There are many and varying opinions about what Halloween is exactly, how 'innocent' it is and whether or not our children should be engaging in it, even a lot of Christians haven't reached a consensus on this issue yet.


Some Christian's go all out celebrating, decorating, dressing up, trick or treating and partying the day and night away. Some Christian's use the opportunity to share the gospel and evangelise their friends and neighbours. Some Christians want nought whatsoever to do with it in any way shape or form preferring instead to intercede, hide out or put a sign on the front door saying "We don't celebrate Halloween".


But one thing is sure, however, tonight on what is known to some as Halloween, and others as Samhain (sow-in) and still others the 'Witches New Year'.


During the time when there is said by some to be a "thin place" between the natural and the supernatural, between death and life, between the living and the dead, between the spirits and mankind.


Makes no bones about it, whilst the kiddies dress up as goblins and ghouls and door knock for lollies, perhaps playing the fool.


Throughout Australia and the World for the next 24/48 hours witches , warlocks, pagans, druids and Satanists will be meeting around bonfires and facing off over candles, they will be casting spells, incanting from their Wiccan prayer books, invoking (or at least trying to invoke) the souls of their beloved dead animals, friends and relatives,


And yes some, who are of an even darker shade of black, will be spilling and perhaps even drinking the blood of innocents in ritual sacrifice, baying at the moon, indulging in all kinds of sexual deviancies, and speaking to the dead (or so they think).


Who know's some may even be attempting to raise the dead through Necromancy, some may even be shedding the blood of humans, it's been known to happen.


Yes, there's no doubt about it, while your children scoff their cherubic faces with sweeties tonight (that some say have been cursed by witches) and play tick or treat with their neighbours or their street; they are most certainly albeit innocently playing a part in something far more sinister - the witches unhallowed new year - Halloween.


We are told in God's word in Ephesians 5:11 to;

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.


Places such as stone henge and other such places of dark spiritual significance will no doubt be surrounded by the elite of elite of the world's dark wizards and dames, making their own supplications to Satan on a much larger scale this night. 


Meanwhile parents are sending their childdren out gluttonous, like Hansel and Gretel to the gingerbread house covered with candy, only to be grabbed down the track and taken captive by the the occult and the witch.


And if you are a Christian, and you obviously believe in the spirit realm, well it would go without saying that you would need to take all of this VERY seriously.


For as Ephesians 6 : 12 reminds us


" For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places".


But enough home truths and analogies, lets move on to a more personal story..


Neither my husband nor myself condone nor celebrate Halloween


We are unequally yoked in Christian terms, so we both have different reasons for our stance. But it's great, that at least in this we are united.


My husband, Stuart doesn't agree with Halloween because for one he hates wasting money on trivialities, in fact he can be quite the 'bah humbug' come Christmas and Easter, and even birthdays truth be told.


He doesn't like Halloween because these days like everything else it is an obviously a materialistic, commercialistic, money making scam, it's primary purpose in his eyes which is to take his hard earned cash out of his pockets and put it into someone else's.


He also dislikes Halloween because it is not traditionally an Australian celebration, it is American to the core and, he, and myself actually, both resent the fact that this materialistic masquerade is eroding yet more of our precious Australian culture. So to us Halloween, it's just not Aussie.


So those are my husband's valid reasons for harumphing this newly Australian birthed sham of a celebration.


And of course there are also safety concerns about door knocking strangers, taking candy from unknowns and having others invade your own privacy and space, particularly if they get nasty.


As I was writing this I thought three things;


What exactly is it we are celebrating?

At the very least at it's very core Samhain is celebration of at it's very best paganism and at its darkest witchcraft, the occult, the dead, Satan and His demons.


And what exactly is it that we are teaching our kids through this?

That witchcraft and the occult are cool and fun and innocent, especially when used to play dress up's and to get what you want.


What are the foundations of Halloween and what is its fruit?

If the foundations are poor the building will fall.

The foundations of Halloween are Satanic and rotten to the core, therefore the fruit will be bad, rotten and evil. You can't grow a good tree from bad seed.


So now we come to my reasons for disliking Halloween.


I am a Christian, so there are and always have been issues for me with the cultural celebration of Halloween.


I hate Halloween because it preys on our children and offers them all the things they love best, I mean really, what parent really wants to deprive their child of playing dress-ups, , collecting and eating lollies, doing what all their friends are doing and being a part if a wider community 'celebration'.


No parent wants to deprive their child of these things. And as Halloween is getting bigger and bigger every year over here, and it is promoted and celebrated everywhere by seemingly everyone, each year it's getting a little harder for even Christian parents to say no on Godly principle, and deprive little Johnny of all the fun, but that's just because many are ignorant as to what the principle actually is.


But those of you who have read this article will have no such excuse for not protecting your children come judgement day, for:you now know, and even if it hurts our children in the short term, we must say 'NO'.


So, those of you who hate the witches brew as much as I do, will be pleased to know that Stuart and I have got this year covered, our son won't be dressing up as a witch or a ghoul or a zombie and going to the door of strangers threatening them in jest with the famous "trick or treat' line.


No, for this year, at least, we've got it covered. We will have a family lolly hunt in the backyard and then a movie night out the back so as not to be disturbed by little ghosts on our front doorstep asking for candy.


(NB It just occurred to me that basically we are hiding out in our own house and bribing our son with candy. Ooops, lol Oh well...)


I know tons of other Christians far more practised who will have far better ideas than this, but that's our way through the dilemma for this year anyway and at least we are trying to protect the young one in our care.


I remember when I was a child begging and begging to be allowed to trick or treat (and the pressure was not nearly as bad as it is now for parents) and finally my parents succumbed by letting me go to a friends house and joining them on their dark adventures And I don't blame my parents, it was more than hard saying no to this then and even harder today.


Having said I don't blame my parents, I would however like to at least try my hardest get our little one through his childhood without him being a part of this, but as he grows older (and more independent) and the cultural and peer pressure grows stronger I cannot guarantee that he himself will continue to no. I will pray to God fervently for his sake that he does.


In the meantime, we've made it through another year with our child not feeling like he is completely left out, but also protecting him from what we as his parents have deemed inappropriate for him to participate in.


And that's still our perogative as his parents, for mow at least.


So, although many of you will no doubt think I am making much ado about nothing, still in finishing, I would encourage everyone this Halloween, in particular my Christian friends to think about what it is that you and your children are really participating in and if you really want that for them or if you too have just bowed to peer and cultural pressure in aquiescing to their participation in this, what I believe to be a master deception..


And if that is you and you don't really approve of Halloween, and you don't really want your child participating, then from one parent to another, I encourage you to stand firm against this ghoulish encroachment on your cultural Australian and /or Christian values and just say NO!


And at least for this year try and find another alternative, perhaps celebrating life and family and having fun together, being in the world and not of the world. And sure have some lollies please, I mean that's all this is really about to the kids at a young age anyway. 


And in finishing remembering this verse from 1 John 1:6.

"If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:".

" 2 Corinthians 10:5

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ".


Below are some links that you may find helpful in your quest for the truth and your back up to 'just say no'.