Rissa Hann On The Lookout

Rissa Hann's commentary on issues of the day…

It was a quiet day the day that Europe fell. 


Just an average morning, as people snored in their beds and awoke to the sound of the laughter of their loved ones and children. 


Just a regular Saturday as people dragged their bodies out of bed and poured their orange juice and drank their morning coffee.


Just a day like any other Saturday morning in Budapest,  Vienna, throughout Austria, Czech republic and into Germany.


The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, the birds were chirping.  Nothing seemed amiss. 


Even as the day marched on in Europe, the children played in the streets, the Mums went out grocery shopping, the families rallied for their Saturday morning activities...


The people marched.


The long awaited hijrah had begun.


It wasn't a fearful thing, not a gun was fired, nor a tear gas cannister thrown, no man, woman or child had to find refuge in a bomb shelter. In fact when they arrived at train stations throughout the different countries and crossed the borders, the people cheered them on.


They marched with ease, in quick succession, a healthy mob, filled with young men in western garb carrying personal devices, many of whom looked shamefacedly away at the effusive welcome. 


There was an occasional child, an older man, or woman in headscarf thrown in for good measure and perhaps a touch of sympathy, but it seemed there were few sick being carried on stretchers, or wounded, or starved or beaten or aged bodies among the corps.


In fact, the majority looked to be in the prime of their lives, late teens, through 20's, happy, healthy and full or energy. Not really what you would have expected at all from a bunch of refugees, but entirely what you might expect from a bunch of warriors in stealth.


They marched with a purpose and a unity. The authorities and governing bodies of the nations where they walked, quickly washed their hands of trying to stop them, as when they did the marchers protested quickly and vehemently, throwing back supplies they were given boarding trains when they were forbidden, and crossing every line and boundary put in front of them.


I'll give them one thing, in fact I would concede a lot, they are a patient and persistent mob this lot, they have waited a LONG time for this well orchestrated opportunity.


No, on this day they would not be stopped. In fact they were unstoppable.


Yes, on the day Europe fell there were few signs of unrest. Perhaps a hunger strike here or there, but mostly a silent push forward using strength in numbers to make their point and keep the people moving toward their destination.


On the day preceding the fall of Europe, there were few major predictors of what was about to occur, just a few refugees out for a nice long stroll. Even when it was happening people either cheered, or remained largely silent, as though they were giving the quiet marchers the keys to their cities and even their very own souls.


But as largely uneventful as this day was considering, this was the day that people would look back too and say, this, THIS was the beginning, this was the start of it; this was the day of the fall of the Europe the great ,of the mighty infidel. Yet we heard virtually nothing of it on the world media stage.


There was a whiff of unease from the online twitterati and the conservative right, as they began to twig to what was happening, but not enough of a whiff to cause the stench of uproar that this momentous occasion warranted.


For this, THIS was the day when the ISLAMIC STATE silently, and with greatest aplomb began their hijrah on Europe, oh yes dear ones, there is actually a name for this in Islam 'Hijrah' - jihad by immigration, and in one fell swoop Islam just Hijrah-ed the heck out of the dhimmitudinal European masses to the sound of Hip Hip Hoorahs and Hoorays from the media, the authorities and the majority of homebodies.


For you see they knew in their heart of hearts that these mostly peaceful Jihadists were an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, so I guess they figured, well, if we can't beat em lets join em already.


And so now even 3 days later, most of Europe, and the rest of the world really, still don't realise, in fact from the media silence, you would think this was just another average week for Hungary and Austria and Czech Republic and the new Sharia HQ 'Germany' of all places.


But let me tell you this, last Saturday will go down in history, as the day the black plague returned to Europe, only this time Europe will not recover.


But let me tell you this dear brothers and sisters, there were many places the Hijrah did not go unnoticed, where hearts were set afire in chests long asleep and people began to say to themselves "Is this it, is this the time Allah prophesied, yes friends, among the mullahs and allahs and Muhammads and the Saudis and  Iranians and in many places throughout the middle east, Africa and Asia, the question was asked in many languages, is this it, is this a sign of the beginning of the prophesied end, will this be the time of the Mahdi?


The resounding answer throughout the lands will more than likely be a 'yes', this is the prophesied time.


Meanwhile as the mighty trojan horse sits within their midst of course, it's just another day in Europe.


In an article for Font page mag, Robert Spencer writes this;


To emigrate in the cause of Allah – that is, to move to a new land in order to bring Islam there, is considered in Islam to be a highly meritorious act. “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance,” says the Qur’an. “And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah. And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.” (4:100) The exalted status of such emigrants led a British jihad group that won notoriety (and a shutdown by the government) a few years ago for celebrating 9/11 to call itself Al-Muhajiroun: The Emigrants.


And now a hijrah of a much greater magnitude is upon us. Evidence that this is a hijrah, not simply a humanitarian crisis, came last February, but was little noted at the time and almost immediately forgotten. The Islamic State published a document entitled, “Libya: The Strategic Gateway for the Islamic State.” Gateway into Europe, that is: the document exhorted Muslims to go to Libya and cross from there as refugees into Europe. This document tells would-be jihadis that weapons from Gaddafi’s arsenal are plentiful and easy to obtain in Libya – and that the country “has a long coast and looks upon the southern Crusader states, which can be reached with ease by even a rudimentary boat.”


You can read the rest of the article here;





"If you don’t accept the brave new world that is sure to bring more jihad and more Sharia to Europe, you’re a Nazi and a racist. Meanwhile, no one is bothering even to ask, much less answer, one central question: why is it incumbent upon Europe have to absorb all these refugees? Why not Saudi Arabia or the other Muslim countries that are oil-rich and have plenty of space? The answer is unspoken because non-Muslim authorities refuse to believe it and Muslims don’t want it stated or known: these refugees have to go to Europe because this is a hijrah".