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Surely if we are to 'progress' 'toward 'something 'better', we should be inspired that the something is better than what was proposed in the past  Regardless of my own beliefs,' progressives" from my experience  leave much to be desired in the area of providing 'the new' mentor we are supposed to aspire to.


Last night, just before retiring for the night from the wonderful world of Facebook, I received something of an SOS from a friend who had posted on the on the Kim Davis supporters page.  


She alone was facing the giants, and what I saw there stunned me and left me in shock.


Unable to respond immediately I asked for wisdom and rested on it.


The nastiness, the vitriol, the inhumanity, reminded me somewhat, although to a lesser degree of course, of the Romans throwing the Christians to the lions, while the crowds cheered on uproariously, as the Christians were torn limb from limb.


Indeed, what I witnessed both upfront and personal, was horrifying to say the least, and it left me without the gift of the pen for a while, utterly speechless. no doubt it is still going on now, but it's around 4 in the morning and I have my voice back and here is what I want to say...


 I witnessed some things last night, that took the breath out of me, things that I can only truly describe as the equivalent in cyber world,  of the act of; the low blow, or what we Aussies used to call the ''low act'',  or even perhaps the sucker punch in the guts or a kick in the nether regions. And perhaps at times when it was two or more on one, it looked something like the school yard bully and his friends surrounding the loner and beginning to kick him wherever the blows may land, one by one,trying to bring the person down at all costs, not a caring a wit about the damage inflicted..


I speak of course of what the cyber world now calls trolling. One of more people with an opposing point of view,  taking on another, who is trying to have a serious conversation about an important issue and basically invading their space and spewing forth insults and inanities one after the other to try and shut both  the person and their conversation down.


It is of course is a classic tactic of the socialist, liberalist leftist, it is a harsh method of argumentation used in the public arena to decimate your opponent as quickly and as effortlessly as possible without any thought whatsoever, given to the fact that there is an actual human being on the other end of the relentless, impersonal barrage. It is as fascist plot that is currently used; if you don't  like what a person is saying,  just try and drown them out with the inane sound of your own voice shouting vulgarities, insults and name calling  until you get the person/or people to cease and desist.


It is a classic counter protest method used to try and silence the protester their freedom of speech and right to reply, so that no other form of argumentation is ever heard by yourself or others above the incessant shouting of your own bitter voice echoing back to your own ears.


I speak of course of the low blow of the ad hominem attack and the utterly depraved act of relentlessly ridiculing, harassing, name calling and haranguing on a scale that is uncalled for. The unfair, unjust and just a plain dishonest attempt at character assassination and thinly at best veiled bullying tactics.


The ad hominem attack, used most probably since almost the dawn of time,  now used increasingly online, is the 21st century equivalent of a small monkey biting the face of another monkey, because the monkey took their banana, and then cackling sadistically about it? Whilst brother monkey bleeds from his wounds. And to add insult to injury and put more than one ad hominem into a sentence or phrase , or continue with it post after post, is the equivalent of said monkey then bashing  his fellow monkey over the head whilst he's  still recovering from the previous bashing. Then get two or more little monkeys ganging up on the victim and well, I think you get the picture


Name calling is uncouth, uncivilised and uncultured and I don't care if you are an atheist or a Christian, or what preceded it, haven't you ever heard of turning the other cheek, I know it's a biblical conccept but honestly, if you are a loving kind of human being, surely it's just common sense. 


If sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, then the ad hominem attack particularly when it is used in a two against one gang up situation against one of differing persuasion, quite frankly, stinks to high heaven. Most especially when perpetrated on someone who is unwilling or unable, for whatever reason to defend oneself with similar , neanderthalic, low brow methods.


Be the better man I dare you. No matter how attacked you feel. No matter how angry. How bitter, How justified it may seem to you at the time. Be the bigger man and leave the name calling and hatemongering in the school yard, particularly if you are in the very same sentence espousing, love, tolerance and equality


So what if it's worst case scenario for you, and the person (who in your book is deemed insane by you at any rate),  says they believe you are going to hell. So what? That's THEIR belief. I mean some people believe in alien space ships and some revel in anal sex. Come on already!? You undoubtedly think they are insane,; so at least give them the same measure of respect that you would afford any other who you deem to have a disability,  after all you are the loving, tolerant one, the progressive man, so you claim, So why not act like it?


So, you think anal sex to be the 'be all and end all'. They think anal sex will' be your be all and end al'l. Come on boys (and girls) grow up, please, it's hardly anything more than semantics really, if as you surmise these are just inmates who have left the asylum, after all according to you, the bible is a book of fairy tales and their God, as you say, is not real (not of course that I believe any of the claptrap you spout).


So, you claim to be the bigger man, full of equality loving, tolerance peace love and mungbeans, so prove it! Because at the moment your character and actions are not backing your words up, so to speak.


Get a grip people, we all have different views, stop crying victim into you pina coladas every time other peoples views don't conform to your own.


Please I beg of you, leave the ad hom behind and beside. Put your uncalled for weapon down, and let"s think of a better way of moving forward for heavens sake.


There are quite simply no excuses ever to use this unseemly method to try and bring ones opposition to their knees.


No excuses.




Lets leave the namecalling in primary school where it belongs.




For goodness sake. It's below you man. Beneath you. Come on you can do it. Let it go.




Make love not war, make serious argumentation, not ad hom, and lets move on.


Otherwise your progressiveness waxes lyrical, and lacks depth and character, and in time you may just become a laughing stock. 


I say this mostly for your own benefit.


Just let it go brothers.


Lift your fighting methods our of the gutter.


Today is a new day!


Adherents of the new tolerance, it's time to practice what you preach.