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Well, It's Easter Friday 2015 and  I had intended on giving you the low down on myself, 'the woman behind the binoculars,' as my first article. But instead I feel compelled to give you the low down on 'the reason' why I am doing this.

There is one simple word and one word only for why I am doing this and that word is 'Jesus'.

Jesus... well I must admit He's more than just a word to me, He's a name and a He's a person.

He is triune Christian God 3 in one. He is the beloved son in the trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is 1 of 3 and 3 in 1, all equal, yet unique.  He was there at the beginning and He was there in the middle and He will be there at the end.

He is creator God, Alpha and Omega, His Father is Yahwe and His name Yeshua in Hebrew and He lived for a while among us on earth as a Hebrew male. 


He is everywhere, all knowing, ever present and ALL powerful.


To some; He was a prophet, to some a lier, to some a mad man, but in reality He is the Son of the Living God.

To some; He is irrelevant, confusing, a swear word, a good man, one of many god's or prophets... or perhaps they just don't care to find out.


To me; He is the one that I heard about from a very young age, in my home, at church and in the bible and well... He grew on me bit by bit and day by day.

When I was around 12 years old I read the bible from cover to cover (the bible was technicolour and absolutely massive) and there was the Historical wonderful Jesus was teaching people and healing people and counselling people and chastising people and  loving people and what's more, He loved children and He always made time for them and He even gave them cuddles, I think that was the clincher for me as I grew up in a household that I felt very unsafe in.

In my early teens I couldn't get enough of learning more about Him and worshipping Him through my parents Kieth Green collection and other Christian artists. in my middle teens I had a vision in my minds eye of Jesus in my parents lounge room as I was listening to a song based on the story about the woman who washed Jesus feet with her hair.

That day was a turning point for me as I experienced the love of Jesus first hand, I had tears pouring down my own cheeks and in my own minds eye I saw myself washing His feet with my hair. I was in love and I knew that He was in love with me.

Then when I was about 16 I read the Kieth Green story from cover to cover in about a day, whilst walking around my high school from class to class with my head buried in this book that was setting my heart ablaze, I literally could not put it down and I think it was then that I began to twig to the indwelling person of the Holy Spirit and God's Holy indwelling power and to hear the call of God to a life of radical, uncompromising obedience.

So, myself and another group of young friends who had also had the light turned on so to speak, began to read the Word of God voraciously,  pray as a group every morning for our high school,  share the Gospel with our friend's, evangelise and share about Jesus every chance we got, we were just on fire for our beautiful radical saviour Jesus and we couldn't stop talking about Him.

And that's part 'a', of a very brief overview of my childhood relationship with this astonishing person called Jesus. This person Jesus who so turned my life upside down as a teenager and has continued to do so right up to this very day. I could just testify for weeks of Him, of my personal relationship with Him, of all that He is to me, of all that He's taught me of all that He is fullstop.

He is a personal God, He loves me, lives within me and He promises He will never leave me or forsake me. He is my breath, my life and my everything. He is my Saviour, my Lord, My redeemer and friend and so, so, SO much more.


And it is for Jesus that I live, for Jesus that I write, to Jesus that I dedicate this website and everything I do with my life.


It is my love for Jesus that will keep me going when I just want to give up. It is Jesus that gives me this inspiration, knowledge and wisdom for every single word I write.


I dedicate this web 'domain' to Him, to do with it what He likes through me, His servant.

I do it all for Jesus.

I dedicate this to my Lord on this special day of remebrance of His death on the cross. For YOU and for me.


My friend is Jesus, I am introducing Him to you.

He is the man (behind the woman ) behind the binoculars. 

This is RissaHannonthelookout.